OGGS® Full English

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PREP TIME 20 mins


  • 110ml OGGS® Whole Egg Alternative
  • 2 Plant-based sausages
  • Mushrooms
  • Baked beans
  • Cherry tomatoes


  1. Cook your favourite plant-based sausages to the instructions on the packaging
  2. In a pan cook the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and heat up the baked beans.
  3. Recommended – Cook OGGS® Whole Egg Alternative in the Microwave (800/900w)
    • Pour the OGGS® Whole Egg Alternative into a microwaveable container
    • Add pinch of salt and pinch of pepper and stir
    • Cook uncovered for 50 seconds
    • Scramble vigorously with a fork
    • Place back in the microwave and cook again for 50 seconds
    • Scramble again!
    • If they still look a little runny, pop back in for 10 seconds and scramble again
    • Repeat until cooked through
  4. Or – Cook OGGS® Whole Egg Alternative in the Pan:
    • Pre-heat a non-stick pan on medium heat
    • Pour in the OGGS® Whole Egg Alternative and then scramble every 5-10 seconds
    • Add a pinch of salt and pepper
    • Cook for at least three minutes (even if it looks cooked before) stirring gently every so often
    • Taste to see if there is a bite. If a little pasty, keep cooking
    • Keep stirring gently until cooked through
  5. Plate up your beautiful plant-based full English and enjoy!

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