About us

What started as someone’s dream to eat cake without cruelty evolved into a vision for change. Our mission is to give you plant-based alternatives to everyday foods, that taste as delicious as you’ve always known them, whilst doing our best to positively change the future of the planet, animals and people with every, little, bite.

We’re all about making choices that add to our values and not our wallets. We measure our business in things that matter, like chickens saved, homeless meals given, and jobs created. These are the things that will reflect our success.

The OGGS® Family.


Hannah C

Operations Director

Polly M

Operations Manager

Jake C

Commercial Manager

Lydia S-K

Community and Marketing Manager

Celeste H

Recipe Designer

Lucy J

Project Support

Clare P

Director of Happiness


Master Baker

Tim G

Creative & Brand Designer

Mr Peter

Assistant Accountant

Josh C

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