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Whisky Sours

Here’s one of our favourite cocktails. A coin of fresh ginger is chopped and simmered first with sugar and water to flavour the base syrup. This is then mixed with a good squeeze of lime and shaken with whisky and our Aquafaba to give it the all-important frothy texture. Pick the big fat limes that are almost yellow, as those are the ripest with plenty of juice.

PREP TIME 20 minutes (including cooling time)


  • 25g golden caster sugar
  • 1/2cm round piece of fresh root ginger, chopped – no need to peel
  • Juice of ½ large or 1 small ripe lime – about 11/2 tbsp juice, plus 2 thin lime slices
  • 50-75ml whisky
  • 25ml OGGS Aquafaba
  • Lots of ice


1 Put the sugar into a small pan and pour in 25ml water and add the chopped ginger, too. Bring to the boil while giving it a stir to help the sugar dissolve and simmer for 1 minute. Pour into a large jar and add the lime juice and set aside to cool for 10-15 minutes.

2 Pour the whisky into the jar, followed by the Aquafaba and 5-6 cubes of ice. Screw on the lid – make it tight as you don’t want any to leak out – then shake hard for around 30 seconds.

3 Fill two small tumblers with a couple of cubes of ice each then strain the sour evenly between each glass. Pop a slice of lime into each one and sit back, sip and enjoy.



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