Gin Sours

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PREP TIME 10 minutes


  • Loads of ice!
  • 50ml sugar syrup.
  • 100ml your favourite dry gin (if you want singles!)
  • 50ml lemon juice...freshly squeezed is best
  • 25ml OGGS Aquafaba


  1. Pop a few ice cubes into your cocktail shaker and fill two old-fashioned tumblers with ice.
  2. Add your sugar syrup, gin, lemon juice and aquafaba into the cocktail shaker and make sure the lid is on tight before you give it a good shake!
  3. Shake for roughly 1 minute for the Aquafaba to fully activate, strain and pour over your glasses topped with ice!

Top Tips

1. We think a cherry and slice of lemon is the perfect garnish for this drink, but it’s totally up to you… If you fancy sitting a cherry on top, simply slide a toothpick through it, and balance it on the side, to stop it from sinking!

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