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What is Aquafaba

A lot of people want to know what Aquafaba is or what ingredients are used to make aquafaba. Quite simply, Aquafaba is the water you find in a chickpea tin, but when you whisk it up it works just like egg whites in baking and cooking! Pretty cool right?

Can I just use chickpea water?

In short yes, you can. BUT every brand of chickpea water acts differently and the results will vary depending on where the chickpeas are from long to how they have been in the tin. We have worked behind the scenes to come up with a version of aquafaba that is the perfect ratio of chickpea protein to water so you can rely on our OGGS® Aquafaba to give you amazing results. Plus our OGGS® Aquafaba comes in a easy-to-use, convenient recyclable TetraPak and can be stored in your cupboard for up to 12 months! For those reasons we win the Aquafaba competition hands down.

Our OGGS® Aquafaba works just like eggs as an ingredient in home baking and cooking. It is suitable for hundreds of sweet and savoury recipes – from sponge cakes and meringues, to mayo, mousses and so much more!

How to use Aquafaba

Our Aquafaba works just like eggs as an ingredient in baking and cooking. It is suitable for hundreds of sweet and savoury recipes – from sponge cakes and meringues, to mayo, mousses, Yorkshire puddings and so much more!

  • Shake the carton before use to activate the proteins
  • Whisk to soft peaks – the mixture should leave a trail and hold shape
  • Whisk to stiff peaks, where the Aquafaba shouldn’t shift in the bowl
  • Freeze any left-over Aquafaba in your ice tray
  • Keep your Aquafaba in the fridge once it’s open

Benefits of using aquafaba

So, why use aquafaba? This magical liquid has so many benefits to it, aside from the fact it works exactly like an egg in all your favourite recipes, by using Aquafaba you are having a positive impact on the planet, animals and you…

Better for the planet

You can help the planet too by choosing aquafaba over eggs. For every 100 packs of aquafaba used instead of eggs we save enough co2 to drive 531 miles which could get you from London to Denmark!*

Better for the animals

Did you know that wild hens naturally lay 10-15 eggs per year? But due to meeting the demand for eggs (12.5 billion eggs per year), modern chickens have been bred to lay between 250 to 300 per year! Sadly a lot of these eggs are not produced in either a sustainable or ethical way and the overproduction of eggs can have harmful effects on the hens laying them.

Our Aquafaba works just as well as an egg, in cooking and baking, and by buying and using a carton of OGGS® Aquafaba, you are saving 4 eggs for being used and giving 5 chickens the day off, so everyone is a winner!

Better for you

Our egg alternative is better for the planet, animals AND YOU!

  • Fat free
  • Gluten, dairy and soy free
  • 9 calories per serve
  • No added sugar
  • Clean ingredients

(Plus no raw egg means you can lick the cake batter out of the bowl)

How to store it?

OGGS® Aquafaba is a real store cupboard staple, and can be kept unopened in your cupboard for up to 12 months!

Only once it’s opened. You can open the carton using the tear strip at the top and simply pour. If you have any leftover, simply push the opening together and refold over to reseal, then pop into the fridge and use within 7 days. Aquafaba whisks up faster when it’s cold so great if you’re baking in a hurry!

And if you still need to save some for a rainy day our Aquafaba can be frozen! The perfect solution if you don’t think you’ll use up all your carton! If you’re short on space in the freezer, pour 25ml into individual ice-cube spaces, and thaw around an hour before you need it.

What can you use Aquafaba for?

Our Aquafaba works like eggs when it’s used as an ingredient in baking and cooking… whisk, whip and fold it; but just don’t dip your soldiers in it!

In tons of recipes, eggs have a pretty technical role. For cakes, it helps the ingredients bind and rise, whilst in mayonnaise, it allows the ingredients to emulsify so it achieves that wonderful thickness. Our Aquafaba works in the same way, performing all of those tricky jobs in the background. From cocktail foam to crispy batters, it whisks up just the same, without compromising the dish you know and love.

We’ve got recipes for every occasion– from sponge cakes and meringues, to mayo, mousses and so much more!