Is your packaging recyclable?

Our packaging is made of recycled materials is recyclable.

Here’s a step by step on the best way to get rid of your packaging…

  • Remove the film covering our bites and put it in the recycling bin (be sure to check if this is recycled in your area at
  • Rinse our 100% recycled plastic trays and recycle them too.
  • Time to gobble your OGGS® bites without leaving a trace! (We’re poets and we do know it)

Our plastic tray is 100% recyclable & recycled! We know a lot of plastics sadly don’t end up in the recycling bin which is why our trays are also made with a new type of plastic which contains an enzyme that will help it to breakdown in a matter of years as oppose to centuries if it does happen to end up in landfill.

Film is recycle ready, check locally at to see if it is recycled in your area. (You can recycle this plastic if your Local Authority mentions: Packing tape Plastic Straws Take away tubs Ketchup bottles Plastic picnic ware)