An update on our recipe…

We are always looking to improve and even though you lovely lot all love our cakes, we wanted to do better, which is why we’re using oats in our cakes instead of soy. Not only do we think they taste EVEN BETTER but by doing this we’re now getting one of our main our ingredients from as close to home as possible and reducing our impact on the planet.

We are so pleased to be partnering with Glebe farm, a family run business based in Cambridgeshire. All of the oats at Glebe farm are grown within 75 miles of the farm and they use solar panel power to keep their carbon impact to a minimum!

So, after some serious recipe innovation and a lot of taste testing, we are proud to present to you our new and improved OGGS®️ cakes! We hope you love them as much as we do.

This change will come into effect across the range over the next few months so remember to always check the back of pack for the ingredients.